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Ideal for Restaurants and Other Businesses

Create comfortable dining rain or shine with the flip of a switch! The Equinox® Louvered Roof system has been designed to maximize comfort and functionality of your outdoor dining space. The louvers can be positioned to provide you with the exact amount of protection or ventilation needed.

  • Increase dining options and capacity in any weather conditions at a fraction of the cost of building onto existing structure
  • Customizable - integrates with existing architecture, specifications molded to your needs
  • Motorized - easy operation with switch or remote control *
  • 160° range of motion sun or shade on demand
  • Multiple motors enable louver control of independent seating areas for added versatility
  • Enhance comfort with heaters and misting systems mounted to perimeter extrusions, sold separately
  • All metal materials - more durable than cloth or wood, and will perform well in all environments
  • Versatile - complements brick, stucco, fiberglass, wood columns and fascia
  • Contemporary look, stylish feel

*A remote control is not recommended for restaurants

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Create various atmospheres
and get flexible layouts

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Arkansas (501) 205-0411

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